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Southwest Heritage Mill

About Our Company

Southwest Heritage Mill was established in 2005 as Indio-Hispano Native Foods, LLC and grew from a community-based company in Albuquerque, New Mexico to a company with a national and international presence.  Its main focus is roasting and milling whole grain, non-gmo corn using red, white, blue and yellow corn varieties to produce the highest quality products. 

Did you know?

Whole grain cornmeal and corn products have all the essential nutrients and fiber that naturally-occurs in the corn kernel. It has a higher oil content compared to de-germed or refined corn. The de-germing process removes most of the nutritional/mineral content and fiber that is contained in the germ and pericarp/bran. Whole grain corn products have a lower glycemic index and help one feel more full and provide more sustained energy.

Roasting Corn

Our corn products are roasted in an industrial roaster from the turn of the century that has been reconditioned and updated with state of the art components that enhance the roasting, bringing out the full flavor of the corn.  The roasting enhances the taste giving it a nuttier flavor that compliments any recipe and also helps preserve the shelf life of the corn.  Our roasters computerized controls enable us to have consistent roasting and flavor in our products.  We roast on demand so your products arrive fresh to your kitchen.

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Our Corn Roaster

Watch our corn roaster in action!

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